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Thermal dispersion mass flow meters. Flow, temperature, & level switches. Low pressure drop flow conditioners for only 3 pipe diameters straight run needed.


Liquid flow meters including: Electromagnetic meters (TigerMag), propeller meters, vortex meters & positive displacement meters.

Ametek Drexelbrook

Point and continuous level transmitters. Level technology in RF, radar, ultrasonic, hydrostatic & magnetostrictive.


Fixed and portable analyzers for monitoring and control of DO, Suspended Solids, pH & ORP.

King Instrument Co.
Economical & quality rotameters in any needed material. Flow displays and transmitters available with alarm options.
Process analytics including pH, ORP, Cond., & DO. Transmitters and controllers with Wi-Fi compatibility.
Low pressure drop flow conditioners. Lower necessary straight run for your flow meters to 3 pipe diameters. Pump protection VEL 90 degree elbow design.
Nonintrusive “Clamp-On” liquid flow meters. Open channel and area velocity meters for less than full pipe flows. Portable & fixed options.
Ametek, PMT Pressure Sensors, and US Gauge
Pressure gauges, diaphragm seals, temperature gauges, & pneumatic controllers.
US manufacturer of quality standard and customized temperature sensors & accessories.
Precision Digitial
Leader in digital displays, panels, temperature controllers, & multi-channel controllers. Wireless signals and controls.
PR Electronics
Signal conditioning (interface) devices for the process industry within temperature, I.S. interfaces, panel meters, signal isolators and converters.
Quality instrumentation for temperature, level, flow & motion. Chart recorders with digital and paper options.
Turbines, Inc.
Precision turbine meters covering applications for all water, gas, and industrial processes.
Meter sizes from 1/4″ – 12″

Portable combustion and emission analyzers built in the USA. Meeting state & federal reporting requirements

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