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Thermal dispersion mass flow meters. Flow, temperature, & level switches. Low pressure drop flow conditioners for only 3 pipe diameters straight run needed.


Liquid flow meters including: Electromagnetic meters (TigerMag), propeller meters, vortex meters & positive displacement meters.

Ametek Drexelbrook

Point and continuous level transmitters. Level technology in RF, radar, ultrasonic, hydrostatic & magnetostrictive.


Fixed and portable analyzers for monitoring and control of DO, Suspended Solids, pH & ORP.

King Instrument Co.
Economical & quality rotameters in any needed material. Flow displays and transmitters available with alarm options.
Process analytics including pH, ORP, Cond., & DO. Transmitters and controllers with Wi-Fi compatibility.
Low pressure drop flow conditioners. Lower necessary straight run for your flow meters to 3 pipe diameters. Pump protection VEL 90 degree elbow design.
Nonintrusive “Clamp-On” liquid flow meters. Open channel and area velocity meters for less than full pipe flows. Portable & fixed options.
Ametek, PMT Pressure Sensors, and US Gauge
Pressure gauges, diaphragm seals, temperature gauges, & pneumatic controllers.
US manufacturer of quality standard and customized temperature sensors & accessories.
Precision Digitial
Leader in digital displays, panels, temperature controllers, & multi-channel controllers. Wireless signals and controls.
Pepperl Fuchs
IS Barriers, signal conditioners, industrial surge prot. & power supplies, classified area tablets and mobile devices, HART configurators and Wireless HART.
Quality instrumentation for temperature, level, flow & motion. Chart recorders with digital and paper options.
Turbines, Inc.
Precision turbine meters covering applications for all water, gas, and industrial processes.
Meter sizes from 1/4″ – 12″

Portable combustion and emission analyzers built in the USA. Meeting state & federal reporting requirements

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